9 Skin Care Tips For Men

Just like women, men also need a skin care routine. The difference is, men’s skin care doesn’t always have to be related to skincare products, because their needs are vary. So lets read what kind of skin care types for mens?

What is the difference between skin care for men and skin care for women? The most obvious difference is that men have thicker hair on the face.

Oil production in men is also greater than in women. Thus, men’s skin care is important to do to prevent clogging of the pores which is the cause of acne.

Collagen in men is also more than women. This is why it is precisely women’s skin that wrinkles faster than men’s skin. This does not mean that men do not need to use UV protection products that cause aging.

Important things in men’s skin care

Below are some skin care tips that are important for men to do.

  1. Use warm water before and after shaving
    Red spots that appear after you shave your beard and mustache are a sign of irritation to the hair follicles. Washing it with warm water can help you to reduce it. In addition, washing your face with warm water before shaving can also make your skin moist, making it easier for you to shave. You can also use shaving cream for better results.
  2. Shave in the direction of hair growth
    More and more products are now offering razors with a greater number of blades. In fact, the type of knife or razor used actually doesn’t really matter. What is more important is how to shave it. Make sure you always shave in the direction of your hair, not the other way around.
  3. No need to use aftershave
    Aftershave is a men’s skin care product in liquid form which is used after shaving the beard and mustache. This alcohol-containing product is recommended to prevent infection in the shaved skin area. However, the use of rubbing alcohol is only necessary if you shave with a folding razor. Currently, this tool is very rarely used. If necessary, choose aftershave products that do not contain alcohol.
  4. Avoid rubbing facial skin with a towel
    To dry your face after washing your face, do a patting motion with a towel. Do not dry by rubbing, as this can irritate the skin.
  5. Read the label carefully before giving the product to the skin
    The important thing that needs to be stated on the label of men’s skin products is that it is non-comedogenic and alcohol-free. Another ingredient that you may need to avoid is oxybenzone, especially in sunscreen products. Non-comedogenic means that the product will not clog pores, thus preventing acne breakouts. While alcohol-free on the label means the product does not contain alcohol and will not dry out your skin. Meanwhile, several studies show that oxybenzone can seep through the skin and spread throughout the body.
  6. The importance of protecting the skin from the sun
    Not for fear of black, protecting the skin from the sun is mandatory for health. Ultraviolet (UV) rays will accelerate the aging of the skin, such as wrinkles, and trigger other damage to the skin. damage the skin. UV rays can also penetrate the fabric of clothes and windows, so wearing long sleeves is not enough. Below are some things that need to be done to avoid the effects of sun exposure.
    • Avoid heat and direct sunlight from 10 am to 4 pm.
    • If you need to be outside during these hours, use a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.
    • Keep using sunscreen even if the weather is cloudy.
  7. Use moisturizer for men’s skin care
    Moisturizing products are needed for the skin. Moisturizers function to maintain water content in the deeper layers of the skin (dermis). This is what prevents the skin from looking dry and dull, while reducing wrinkles on the face. Be careful, usually there are moisturizing ingredients that make the skin allergic. Instead, apply a little cream first on the hand area. Leave it for about 1 day to see if there are any allergy symptoms. If it is safe, continue using the product.
  8. Quit smoking
    Apart from learning about various skin care products for men, you should also know that smoking will speed up the skin aging process. When the skin is injured, it takes longer to heal if you are a smoker. Likewise, if you have some skin conditions such as psoriasis or hidradenitis suppurativa, smoking can make it worse.
  9. Avoid hot showers
    When the air is cold or after a night of sleeping under the coolness of the air conditioner, taking a hot shower is more enjoyable. But keep in mind, water that is too hot will make the skin more dry, itchy, and scaly. Hot water also removes the natural oil content found on the skin. Therefore, make sure the water for bathing is only warm, for the sake of being one of the ways in men’s skin care.

Written by dr. Deiby Sihombing

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